Your friends’ new rescue dog may be a great addition to their lives. But when you visit their house, you hope that the pet has received proper training around strangers. If it hasn’t, you may find yourself at risk.

While dogs can offer companionship to humans, they are also independent creatures. Without proper training and care, they may view people as a threat. And when they feel threatened, they can attack. But what can happen if a dog strikes?

Consequences of a bite

Dog attacks can cause immediate damage and infections that appear over time. Here are a few possible outcomes of a dog bite:

  • Broken skin – A dog bite can make you bleed, leaving scars on your body.
  • Damaged muscles or nerves – If the teeth sink deep enough, they can cause damage to your muscles and nerves, affecting your mobility.
  • Broken bones – Small bones in the hands and feet can easily break in a dog’s powerful jaw.
  • Tetanus – The mouth of a dog can carry bacteria, leading to an infection.
  • Rabies – If a dog is infected with rabies, it can become more aggressive.

Find a doctor after a bite

Once you have been bitten, you should wash the wound with soap and water. Then you should seek medical attention right away. Your doctor may recommend getting a tetanus booster.

If the dog displayed any symptoms of rabies, make sure to let your doctor know. Rabies can make dogs act strange and foam at the mouth. If there is any chance the pet had the disease, you may need a rabies vaccine.

Untrained dogs can leave you with injuries

If your friends get a dog that isn’t well-trained, you may want to give them time to train it. Otherwise, you could find yourself suffering the consequences of an aggressive dog attack.