When people think about road safety during holidays, they often think about holidays with high travel rates, such as Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July. However, holidays of any kind can be good times to be especially mindful of road safety.

For instance, you should think about how you can avoid accidents this Valentine’s Day.

Steer clear of drunk driving

Romantic dinners and nights out with friends often go hand-in-hand with drinking, especially because the holiday falls on a Friday this year. If you plan to drink on Valentine’s Day, do not drive. Find a sober driver or call an Uber to avoid the risks of drunk driving.

Even if you don’t plan to drive on Valentine’s Day, you still want to avoid drunk drivers. Whether you are riding your bike or taking a romantic stroll, make sure you are alert. Wear visible clothing and obey traffic laws to avoid getting struck by someone who chose to drink and drive.

Don’t get distracted

Whether you are driving with your partner, walking alone or riding a bicycle-built-for-two, pay attention. Put your phones away and watch what is going on around you. If you need to text, take a picture or check directions, get somewhere safe first.

Keep your emotions in check

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love. On this holiday, people can also be angry, sad and exuberant. No matter what emotions you may be feeling, they can affect your mindset and decision-making capabilities when they are overwhelming.

As such, it can be wise to avoid driving if you are extremely upset or sad. If you are celebrating or excited, be sure you still are mindful of your surroundings.

These precautions may not prevent love-related injuries like heartbreak this Valentine’s Day, but they can ensure you get where you need to be safely.