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Injured Bicyclists And Pedestrians Have A Solid Advocate

Florida roads and highways are filled with potential dangers for motor vehicle drivers, and the same holds true for bicyclists and pedestrians. Many injuries and occasional deaths occur among bicyclists and pedestrians in our state. You can abide by all the safety tips and still sustain serious injuries from a negligent motorist or property owner.

This is when an experienced personal injury attorney can help. The Law Offices of Brian Breiter in Miami and Fort Lauderdale brings nearly 25 years of legal experience to clients who need guidance and insight. Led by attorney Brian Breiter, our team is dedicated, compassionate and committed. Through skillful negotiation, we will do our best to secure a settlement. And as experienced litigators, we are not afraid to go to trial.

Ways That Pedestrians And Bicyclists Get Injured

Florida is an ideal destination for bicyclists. For years, our state has embraced this form of transportation and recreation. However, our state also ranks among the most dangerous for bicyclists. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Florida in 2016 had the highest bicycle fatality rate per million residents. The dangers bicyclists face include:

  • Getting struck by a car
  • Falling from a bicycle
  • Injury caused by roadway/walkway in disrepair

Pedestrians, too, face similar hazards. While walking in a crosswalk, a pedestrian can get struck by a vehicle. A slip, trip and fall incident also can occur on a walkway or sidewalk in disrepair.

Such injuries can lead to loss of income and mounting medical bills. You deserve an aggressive personal injury lawyer ready to take on insurance companies. If you’re injured, it’s crucial to contact authorities and gather documentation such as police reports, medical reports and photographic evidence. Then contact an attorney immediately.

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