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Advocating For Clients In Negligent Security Cases

As the victim of a crime that occurred on commercial property, you are likely entitled to pursue a lawsuit against the property owner. You’ve been physically accosted, resulting in serious injuries to your body and your mind. You’re scared and may not know what to do.

Such a situation is considered a negligent security case. Typically, they are the result of a criminal assault, rape or battery on properties such as office buildings, malls, hotels, schools and parking garages. No one deserves to be the victim of a crime, especially one due to the negligence of property owners who failed to protect the public. The Law Offices of Brian Breiter in Miami focuses on personal injury law. Let us represent you and pursue your rightful compensation.

We Are Prepared To Go To Court

Every property owner must provide reasonable security measures to protect their visitors from potential crimes. Negligent security can lead to a shooting outside a nightclub, a stabbing on public transportation, an assault in a parking garage or sexual assault at a hotel or apartment.

The cause of such crimes may be due to:

  • Incompetent and poorly trained security employees who neglect to do their job and fail to protect customers
  • Inoperable security systems that may include cameras and locks
  • Poor lighting in parking lots, building stairwells as well as office buildings and schools

You have been traumatized by the incident that caused you pain and suffering, a lengthy hospital stay and the inability to work. Your level of trust has sharply declined. Now, you need an experienced litigator to represent you. We will guide you, explain your options and pursue results.

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The actions of a negligent property owner have led to your serious physical and emotional injuries. This is a prime example of a negligent security case. You need a compassionate and assertive law firm to guide you. The Law Offices of Brian Breiter in Miami has decades of experience helping clients. Our team of personal injury attorneys offers free initial consultations. Please contact us online or call 305-709-5585. We have an office in Fort Lauderdale, too. Se Habla Español.