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Taking Action In Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The tragic loss of a family member in an avoidable accident has hit you and your family like a lightning bolt. You are stunned, you cry, and you wonder what would have happened if your loved one had never encountered this negligent party that caused his or her wrongful death. Among your next steps is to seek advice from an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney.

The Law Offices of Brian Breiter in Miami is a team of attorneys who are understanding, compassionate, skilled and effective. Our firm is led by Mr. Brian Breiter, who has nearly 25 years of legal experience guiding clients. Money won’t bring back to life your loved one, but our attorneys are committed to helping you secure the compensation you deserve.

Overcoming Tragedy And Getting Legal Guidance

Ideally, a wrongful death should never occur. However, they continue to happen due to some person or even some company’s negligence. Our attorneys are skilled and aggressive negotiators, trial-tested and ready to take your case to trial. We have represented clients in numerous wrongful death cases involving:

  • Drunk or distracted drivers in fatal accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians
  • Companies that neglect safety standards or improperly train employees in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, construction and food
  • Health care workers such as physicians and nurses who are negligent and incompetent in the treatment of patients
  • Companies that produce defective parts used in motor vehicles, residences, home appliances and numerous consumer products

Caring, compassionate and results-oriented, our team will advocate for you. You deserve compensation for the loss of your loved one’s life, loss of wages, financial support, medical and funeral expenses. We have worked with hundreds of clients and are respected by our peers as Mr. Breiter has made the Super Lawyers list for seven straight years since 2013.

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The death of a loved one hurts. And it may hurt even more so if his or her death was caused by a negligent party. The Law Offices of Brian Breiter in Miami is a team of top-rated personal injury and wrongful death attorneys. We have decades of experience, guiding families understanding their challenges and getting results. With an additional office in Fort Lauderdale, we help people. For a free initial consultation, contact our firm online or call 305-709-5585. Se Habla Español.